Wedding Investment

I believe photography is an investment. Especially wedding photography.

I also believe your story is worth investing in. Because there are some things that were made to last a lifetime, just like the two of you. And when it needs to last that long, you just want to make sure it will always stay beautiful.

That it will always stay relevant. That’s why I create photography that is Iconic & Enduring. I CREATE THINGS that are MADE TO LAST. All of my collections can be custom tailored…. because one size fits all never seems to look good on anybody.

Full collections begin at $2500.


  • Is an Engagement Session included when I invest in The Wedding Experience?
    • YES! The Engagement session is a crucial part of the experience that we offer our couples! All wedding packages include a complimentary engagement session. Feel free to contact me to receive more detailed information about The Wedding Experience!
  • Do you travel for destination weddings?
    • Absolutely! I LOVE traveling and when I get the opportunity to travel and shoot a wedding at the same time, I’m in heaven!
  • Do you work with a second photographer?
    • Yes, of course! Always recommend finding you a photographer who can capture your day at two angles. This allows your entire love story to be told.
  • How many images can we expect?
    • Typical average is 90-100 images per hour that we’re shooting.
  • Do we get the rights to our photos?
    • Yes, Yes, Yes! Isn’t that great?! When you receive your USB with your images, there will be a release included that allows you to print, upload, and share your images.
  • When should I schedule my bridal session?
    • I recommend scheduling them 2-3 months prior to the wedding. This allows more days for backups and reschedules due to the weather.


For more of your questions, feel free to contact me!