The LimeLight Bride

When I become a part of your wedding experience, you’re automatically adopted into the LimeLight Bride family, MY family!

All of my brides are absolutely AMAZING women that I can see myself being friends with for a lifetime, and many of us are! They are not just clients, they are such incredible blessings in my life and I’m so thankful for each and every one of them. There is something so intimate and special about not only being by a bride’s side ALL day on her wedding day, but also CAPTURING the whole day as well. It’s such an honor to play such a vital role in one of the greatest days of a woman’s life!!

Ive been there to help calm nerves, hold sweating hands, fix hair and makeup, dry tears, as well as laugh so hard that it brought tears (ummmhmm… like that one time while getting a shot we broke the bed!)

But a Lime Light Bride goes so much deeper. A few characteristics that ALL of my brides entail;

She has grace. She knows that true grace comes from making everyone around you feel welcome & taken care of.

She uses the word thank you explicitly. She is grateful for every good thing.

She’s a classic. She knows that true style is far more than fashion and timeless always trumps trendy.

She has a heart of gold. There is not a high maintenance bone in her body.

She’s authentic. She’ll take the real, honest moments over the ones staged to perfection.


And my couples… They are just as amazing together as they are apart.

They have history. They have been there for each other in the toughest of times… and in the best.

They hold on tighter. They choose the extra long version of their First Dance song, because they want that moment to last for as long as possible.

They support each other. They take care of each other when they’re sick, they know which soup fixes everything.

They are the best of friends. They probably quote their favorite movies even when no one else gets it.