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In 2007 I started working in Obstetrics at our local hospital, which fueled my desire to continue my career path in the medical field. I graduated nursing school in 2010 and have worked in OB ever since. That summer after graduation my mom purchased her first DSLR camera. She studied, mentored, and soaked up every ounce of knowledge she could about photography. 

Later that same year soon after the birth of my daughter, I realized how fast life and time was passing me by. I wanted nothing more but every moment of her life captured and frozen so I could hold onto it forever. So thus my mom put that same DSLR in my hand, and lets just say its never left. (It's still in my camera bag, don't think I can ever part with it!) 

What started out as photos of my daughter, led to a hobby (yes I said the "H" word!) that soon became my passion. I started taking classes in late 2010 which has led to many workshops traveling across the country and several mentorships with well renowned photographers in the newborn, portrait, and wedding photography world. 

In teaming up with my mom, we wanted to offer and provide custom photography to our area that was something new, fresh, and unique. So hence came the name of our mother-daughter business, Lime Light Photography. 

While later passing down her cameras to me in 2014 I continued to grow and flourish and pursue my passion of photography. I have since learned how much this southern girl loves to capture the start of new families and new additions. 


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I'm a hopeless romantic. I believe in love with my whole heart. Whether you have that kind of love where you finish each others sentence's, knowing one another's most favorite things, or to each of you having one another wrapped completely around the other's finger... I want to capture that innocent love in the raw moment.

Let's face it. Choosing a photographer for your wedding is a huge decision…it can be hard! But it most certainly should be exciting and the start of a beautiful friendship. I believe it’s important to choose a photographer you absolutely love, because after your wedding, one of the only tangible reminders of your day will be your wedding day photos.

I want you to be yourselves. Enjoy your day of two families joining together and have a great day with your friends all the while your epic love story is unfolding, capturing it with my lens. Throughout your day, I refuse to say the word "cheese", jump in the air, or have you "pretend" to do anything. Your story is worth telling without proposition or direction. It is real, un-staged, and imperfect just as it is.

 I would be honored to tell your love story!


An obsessive attention to detail, a forgoing amount of patience, I will create an experience that you will never forget and will be able to cherish forever. Your baby is going to grow and change tremendously in the first few days, weeks and months. I want to help you treasure their newborn goodness for many years to come.

I have been photographing North Carolina's newest residents since 2010 and have loved every second of it. As a wife and mother myself, I recognize the desire to not only capture new beginnings, but every milestone that can be remembered as we all know they pass by too quickly. Every part of my job feels like a blessing because I get to do what I love. 

Newborn sessions are $150 with fine art portrait collections available for purchase depending on your needs and style. 

Maternity sessions are available and discounted to our expectant mommies in a special collection just for you. 







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